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Saturday , February , 24 2018
You are here : News & Events  >  Digital and Screen Awards
The SGIAA Digital & Screen Print Awards

The SGIAA Digital & Screen Print Awards is the industry's premier Awards event for Digital, Screen, and speciality graphic imaging companies. The ideal opportunity to showcase your companies expertise to clients, suppliers and industry peers across 26 hotly contested categories.

The Awards is held biennially with the Awards being held at at the prestigious Crystal Palace, Luna Park, Sydney on 12 October 2013. The Awards has its own website

The Award Categories for  the 2013 Awards are listed below. While these categories may change in future awards, prepare to put your prints aside now as they will be eligible for inclusion

Digitally Printed Entries

1. Any Digital Printed Backlit Sign
2. Inkjet
3. UV/Solvent/Latex High Volume
4. UV/ Solvent/ Latex Rigid Substrates
5. UV/ Solvent/ Latex: Flexible Substrates
6. Digital Dye Sublimation
7. Digital Direct Imaging  on Textiles
8. Digital Unique Application or Innovative Product/ Processes.

Project Management

9. Project Management: Digital or Screen

Combination of Technologies

10. Digital and Screen Printed

Screen Printed Entries

11. Backlit Signs or Displays
12. Screen Printed on Adhesive Backed Material
13. Posters: Single Sheet
14. Point of Purchase Display
15. Rigid Products
16. Printed Electronics

Screen Printed Texile

17. Single or Multicolour print on White/Pale Textile Substrate
18. Single or Multicolour Print on Dark Textile Substrate
19. Specialty Process(es) on a Textile Substrate

Promotional Items

20. Promotional Items


21. Student Award
22. General Student Award
23. Fine Arts Award
24. SGIAA Young Achiever's Award
25. People's Choice Award
26. President’s Award

2013 SGIAA Digital and Screen Awards