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Saturday , February , 16 2019
You are here : Learning  >  Colour Management Bootcamps
Colour Management Bootcamps



SGIAA is always searching for new opportunities to provide technical and training resources for our
members and to the industry. This year we have focussed on colour management and have declared
2019 to be the 'Year of Colour';.

As digital printing markets mature, colour management is a way that printers and sign-makers can
differentiate themselves, reduce rework and deliver consistent quality to their clients.

The highlight of the Year of Colour will be the launch of the first SGIA Colour Management Bootcamp
here in Australia. SGIA has been running these for 7 years in the USA, and it has evolved into a top-
notch course preparing companies for SGIA's Digital Colour certification program.

The goal of the course is to develop professionals who understand colour theory and principles and
can manage consistent, predictable, and repeatable colour on any system they manage. The course
is highly practical with a focus on hands-on profiling, spot colour matching and verification.

The first course is pencilled in for April, and the best colour management minds in our industry are
attending. Ray Weiss, Technical director of SGIA, will travel from the USA to deliver the first course.
Local professional David Crowther 'the Colour Doctor'; share his expertise with participants.